Postgraduate programme


Developments in recent years have increased the interest of the industry, universities, commerce and governments towards the training of graduate students locally. In an effort to meet with this challenge, the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management introduced postgraduate courses in relevant areas of the construction industry in 1980. The first set of these students graduated in December 1983, with Master’s degrees in either Construction Management or Building Maintenance Management. The Department of Building has proposed four options (Construction Management, Building Science, Building Structures, and Building Maintenance Management) in the final year of the undergraduate programme. These options are expected to pave the way for further studies for students who are interested in post-graduate work. Postgraduate programmes are therefore proposed in the four undergraduate option areas. Building Services and Energy Conservation, a special branch of Building Science is the only additional programme in this proposal. This programme is very essential for the country due to the dearth of Building Services Engineers. The Department has expertise in this area. Research materials and teaching facilities are also available to service this course.


The graduate programmes leading to M.Sc., Phil/PhD. degrees in the Department of Building are designed to achieve the following objectives:
(i) to provide advanced academic courses for students who desire to undertake further studies and research in Building.
(ii) to prepare high level manpower to meet with the demand in the construction industry research institutes, and institutions of higher learning in the country.
(iii) establish research areas which will lead to the improvement of design, management, and maintenance method for buildings.

Types of Programmes

The Department offers the following programmes:
(i) M.Sc/M.Phil./Ph.D in Building Structures
(ii) M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D in Building Maintenance
(iii) M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D in Construction Management
(iv) M.Sc./M.Phil/Ph.D in Building Services

Requirements for Higher Degrees

M.Sc. Degree
Every candidate for the M.Sc. degree shall pursue a full-time course of study for a period of not less than four semesters. Candidates are required to successfully complete a minimum of 20 course units and also present a dissertation which must be an original research work. An Oral examination will be arranged for candidates who present their dissertation.
M.Phil. Degree
The Department offers the advanced research Masters’ degree by course work, written examination and research thesis which leads to the M.Phil. degree. Every candidate for the M.Phil. degree must pursue a full time course of study and research in the Department for a period of not less than four semesters. The course work requires a minimum of 28 units. In addition, candidates must present a research thesis which will be orally examined.
Ph.D. Degree
The duration of the Ph.D. programme will be a minimum of six semesters after the M.Sc./M.Phil. A total of 12 course units is compulsory for all candidates proceeding to the Ph.D programme in the Department of Building. In addition, each candidate will be required to carry out an original research and present an acceptable thesis on a topic previously approved. Furthermore, candidates will be expected to pass an oral examination. All candidates for the Ph.D. degree shall pass a qualifying examination before allowed to proceed to the final stage of their research work.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must satisfy the general regulations governing graduate studies at the Obafemi Awolowo University of Ife as contained in the Post-graduate School Handbook. They must also satisfy the general requirements for undergraduate admissions in the Department of Building.
(i) Requirements for the M.Sc. Degree
Candidates for the M.Sc. programme must have at least a second class Honour degree of Obafemi Awolowo University (or its equivalent) in one of the following: Building/Building Technology, Civil Engineering, or Quantity Surveying. For the Building Services and Energy Management programme, graduates in Mechanical Engineering will b e eligible. Also for Building Structures, only graduates in Building and Civil Engineering are eligible. Applicants must have a minimum of two years post degree experience.
(ii) Requirement for the M.Phil Degree
(a) Applicant for admission shall be a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University (or its equivalent) with at least a second Class (Upper Division) Honours degree in Building, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Building Service Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. (b) A candidate who holds an M.Sc. But scored less than B+ average in his/her M.Sc. degree programme may be admitted for the M.Phil.
(iii) Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree
Candidates for the Ph.D. must have M.Sc or M.Phil in an area related to their proposed course. A candidate registered for the degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) programme under 5(iia) above for not less than two semesters and who in the coursework, has shown exceptional ability may be transferred to candidature for Ph.D subject to Regulation 21 of the post-graduate school.

Research Interest in the Department

Graduate students and academic staff of the Department are engaged in various areas of research such as:
(i) Performance Measurement in the Construction Industry.
(ii) Manpower Training and Development.
(iii) Alternative Procurements for Public Infrastructural Projects.
(iv) Workers’ motivation
(v) Health and Safety in construction
(vi) Indigenous capacity building in construction.
(vii) ICT in Construction.
(viii) Rural Energy Systems in South Western Nigeria
(ix) Thermal performance of Buildings and Energy Conservation
(x) Alternative materials of construction
(xi) Solar Building Technology and Comfort Studies
(xii) Building Maintenance Management
(xiii) Building Services Engineering

Examination Scheme and Dissertation

(i) M.Sc/M.Phil Degree
All candidates must sit and pass written examination on any course offered in each semester in addition each candidate must submit a dissertation on approved topic. Candidates must present themselves for oral examination.
(ii) Ph.D. Degree
Examination in the prescribed course (where applicable) shall be my means of not less than a three-hour written paper in each course. Candidates must also pass a qualifying examination before being allowed to continue with the programme (see section 27 of the pot-graduate Handbook) Each candidate is required to submit a thesis on an approved topic. An oral examination will be arranged for the thesis.

Full-time postgradute programme staff

Name Status Qualifications Area of specialisation
A.B. Wahab Senior Lecturer and Acting Head of Department B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc. (Environmental Control & Management; Building Services); Ph.D (Building Services), AASCE, MISDS, MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Services/ Environmental Sustainability/Construction Technology
K.A. Wahab Emeritus Professor M.Sc (Birmingham), Ph.D. (Reading), FNIOB, PPNIOB,FNIQS, FNIESV, MNSE, MCIOB, MIHE, MIAHS, R.Bldr. Construction Management/ Construction Technology
I.J. Ikpo Professor B.Sc. (Estate Management.), M.Sc.; Ph.D. (Building Maintenance). MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Maintenance/ Construction Technology
K.O. Olusola Professor B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc. (Construction Tech); Ph.D. (Building Structures). MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Structures/ Construction Materials Technology
O.O. Aina Professor B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc.; Ph.D. (Construction Management). MNIOB, R.Bldr. Construction Management/ Productivity Studies
S. O. Ojo Reader B.Sc. (Civil Engr), M.Sc.; PhD. (Construction. Management.), MASCE, ICIOB, MNSE, R. Engr Construction Management/ Procurement
O. Ata Reader B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc., Ph.D (Building Structures). MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Materials/ Construction Technology
J.A. Ayangade Senior Lecturer B.Sc. (Civil Engrg), M.Sc., Ph.D (Construction Management.), MNIM, MNSE, R. Engr. Construction Management and Economics/ Professional Practice
S.O. Folagbade Senior Lecturer B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc. (Construction Technology; Structural Engineering); Ph.D (Civil Engineering), MNIOB. R.Bldr. Building Materials/ Construction Technology
E.A. Olanipekun Senior Lecturer B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc., Ph.D (Building Services). MNIOB. Building Services/ Energy Management
G.E. Oseghale Senior Lecturer B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc. (Construction Management.),M.Phil.(Building Maintenance), Ph.D (Building Maintenance). MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Maintenance/ Facilities Management
A.J. Babafemi Lecturer I B.Sc. (Building), M.Sc., (Building Structures). Ph. D (Civil Engineering), MSAICE, MCSSA, MNIOB, R.Bldr. Building Materials/ Construction Technology


Name Qualifications Status Area of specialisation
M.O. Ilori B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Technology Policy and Management, Innovation Management, Indigenous Technology
H.A. Odeyinka B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Quantity Surveying, Construction Management and Economics
A.P. Akinola B.Sc. Ph.D Professor Elasticity
M.O. Babalola B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Quantity Surveying, Mechanical and Electrical Services, Construction Management and Economics
G.K. Ojo B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D (Ife), MNIQS, RQS Senior Lecturer Construction Economics / Cost Control and estimating/ Risk Management
A.O. Adunola B.Sc., M.Sc., (Ife), Ph.D (South Africa) Senior Lecturer Architectural Science/ Architectural Graphics
S.O. Obayopo B.Sc, M.Sc. (Ife), Ph.D (South Africa), MNSE, R. Engr. Senior Lecturer Thermo-fluid/ Thermodynamics and Energy Conservation
K.C. Olufokunbi B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D Lecturer I Information System